Skin Products

They seem to 'lock up' the fat and toxins that are not derived from the cells. This exacerbates the process of deformation of the skin. Protect yourself for table, however, experience shows that if the time to take up the case, cellulite can be controlled quite effectively. resting facts. If you were among those 80% of the women, who according to statistics, faced with the problem of cellulite, but it does not willing to put up with it in the first place please be patient. Because the fight against this disadvantage will not take one day and will require considerable effort – but great results, no doubt, with the interest they will pay. To start optimize nutrition. The main provocateur of cellulite – not the number of products, and their poor quality. If the basis of the daily ration food, poor healthy substances while containing plenty of fat, sugar, salt, cellulite can not be avoided. Deficiency of key micronutrients leads to disruption of sodium-potassium balance, and stagnation in the intercellular space. Found that the most acute problem of cellulite is to European countries, where the saturated fats make up a significant portion of the diet of the population. At the same time in Japan, where with great difficulty, one can find a woman with signs of cellulite, people consume only polyunsaturated fats. The main place in your kitchen must take products that contain fiber, rich in proteins, vitamins, trace elements, and polyunsaturated fatty acids – fruits, raw vegetables, herbs, fish, cereals and legumes.