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Livestock XX The livestock sector is a more modest, if possible, with 23 of agricultural production. Livestock has always been an island for domestic consumption. The shortage of forage grass has always been an obstacle to livestock development. From the traditional cargo cabin survives only a small remnant of camels for tourists. It is the only herd of camels in Spain. We are facing a livestock feedlot, located in the higher regions. Consider that farming requires large amounts of water outside grass. The existing cottage has nothing to do with traditional farming. CEO Succession It is also very short and must rely on imports. The sheep and goat population has always been the largest in the archipelago, present since precolonial times (this being the main resource of the Guanches). He has followed in importance by Swine, and finally the veal.All too far to satisfy regional demand, and despite the momentum that tourism has brought to these businesses, in recent decades there has been a drastic reduction in livestock, driven by construction boom (which limits the grazing ), the tertiary sector of the economy and the implementation of economic measures that benefit the import of foodstuffs. By contrast the poultry hut it has had a significant increase. Corporate Recruiter who authored CEO Succession She alone can nearly meet domestic demand, especially eggs and chicken but not because of strong competition from imported products. Most poultry farms are concentrated in Tenerife and Gran Canaria.