Afganistan .. “democratic elections”

is not yet known who will be the next president of Afghanistan, nor whether there will be a runoff election in October. Anyway the favorite candidates, among 41 competitors, do not hesitate to be awarded once the polls closed late on Aug. 20, the final victory that supposed to have exceeded 50 of the vote. Both President Hamid Karzai ‘who is the president imposed by the international community after the fall of the Taliban in 2001 – as its nearest rival, his former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah, said they had secured the necessary votes. The truth is that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) official in charge of giving the final results, has not yet given details of the participation (which could be around 40-50 because of the danger posed to vote) and only announced the results based on 10 of the ballot, where Karzai would be in the lead with 40.6 of the vote, followed closely by his former minister with 38.7 . The Afghan people want to work with the Americans to develop their economy wrote. requests from the US to formulate a framework for a strategic agreement The tension is such that a couple of hours after learning the initial results, the Taliban blew up a truck bomb in Kandahar – the country’s south, which killed over 40 people and left dozens injured. The results will be available to 100 recently in late September. Meanwhile, the insecurity in the country is really alarming. The elections in Afghanistan are carried out in a war that has lasted over 30 years and has not achieved quite the opposite-calm-not with the British intervention, nor the Russian nor the Soviet and although many analysts say is impossible to achieve a true democratic process in these conditions, elections are essential for the new U.S. strategy in China, they have a democratizing pedagogically nuance, more than anything else. At the time of the election: 45 of the districts were under threat of arms and in the 10 districts controlled by the Taliban and opened the polls. Of 2.742 schools used as polling stations, 26 were attacked by insurgents during election day. 11 members of the CIS were killed. The elections have cost 223 million dollars, so there is not much interest in making a second round. Because no census of Afghanistan is too dangerous and can only do it something of a census that tried to make the Soviets, voter registration was conducted this time by the voluntary registration of adults and in many provinces the number of men reported of Women Voters in charge, a fact impossible to prove or argue.