Infantile Educators

The educators perplexos and are disappointed with the situation of the Infantile Educator. After all, what the government intends when divulges in the media on ' ' Quality of the Education? There to construct schools to place children inside without if mattering with the pedagogical part is to continue with the idea of day-care center or depositary of children. Zendesk may find this interesting as well. It will be that the parents would like to see its children in the school, only playing, eating, attending TV? This is ' ' nada' ' for a country that wants to join itself to the most developed of the world. So that to import itself with IDEB? The result already is known by all: child dissimulates that she learns and professor dissimulates that teaches The consequence will be in basic, average education and superior, case they obtain to arrive until there. She is difficult to believe that pupils without ' ' bagagem' ' that they had had professors, by the way, ' ' cuidadores' ' they will have success in the pertaining to school life.

We are regredindo and coming back in the time when the conception of child she was seen as adult in miniature? That any adept and caridosa person of time could congregate children in the bilge of house to teach to the B the B? People walk for front. Of well intentioned person the world is full as is the mothers whom they need to work and they trust the schools and its professionals, chemical preparations to initiate the formation of its children? Many of these pupils are compromised by deficiencies and that they would have to be monitored by professionals of the occupational area for example. They are these ' ' cuidadores' ' that it has the responsibility for them. It imagines children to be the day all in a school without a pedagogical planning of its activities? I find that it is lacking knowledge on the base of the education, lines of direction and Decenais Plans that are a determination of the Federal Constitution, so that all the mining cities had the responsibility to elaborate its Decenais Plans in accordance with the determination of PNE (Lei Federal/2001), as well as the orientaes of the State secretary of the Education.