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are those in which one generation’s interests may conflict with those of the next: Answers Question 1 a. Intergenerational problems of environmental ethics b. International problems of environmental ethics c. Interspecific problems of environmental ethics The healthy human environment is: Responses to question 2 a. The living space that gives dignity and integral development b. In which there is no pollutant c. That should be built for future generations It is rational and practical reflection on the problems of man’s relationship with nature. Answers to question 3 a. Environmental Ethics b. Ethics minimum c. Ethics maximum Environmental rights are part of: Responses to question 4 a.The third generation of human rights b. The first generation of human rights c. The second generation of human rights Environmental rights are often called Responses to question 5 a. Right to sustainable development b. Natural rights c. Inherent rights of the person It is a process of recognizing values and clarifying concepts in order to promote the skills and attitudes necessary to understand the interrelationships between man, culture and physical environment. Responses to question 6 a. Environmental management b. Environmental rights c. Best Practices The so-called “sustainable development” refers to: Responses to question 7 a. Best practices in the development of industrial goods and services. b. Do not interfere in any way the natural world c.A type of development that does not degrade nature or not erode their own base of production and living environment. These are the guidelines or guidelines that govern the actions of a person or entity in a particular subject or field. Responses to question 8 a. Environmental Policy Ethics b. Civic Policy c. Life Policy Social behaviors that demonstrate the truth of mind of an individual, even when they refuse to speak: Answers to Question 9 a. Negative psychosocial behaviors b. Behaviors c. Ethical Behavior Make monitoring results and impose corrective action is the best form of: Responses to question 10 a. Review and improve processes b. Formulate objectives c. Replenish Comprehensive management Answers to Question 11 a. Industrial and business management b. Commercial Management c.Comprehensive management Is the relationship between final output and inputs (land, capital and labor) used in the production of goods and services: Responses to question 12 a. Effectiveness b. Effective Productivity c. Sustainable productivity When evaluating products and their packaging when shopping for the home is performing an action of: Responses to question 13 a. Integrated waste management b. Domestic Waste Management c. Savings They are best practices for energy saving and consumption: Responses to question 14 a. Avoid appliances turn on and off since it consumes more energy. b. Using natural gas stoves and water heater. c.