In addition to the physical reference, groups of bears tend to enhance certain values, or “a certain attitude”: friendship, solidarity, masculinity, tolerance and give importance to the playful, are some of the values that are often found in environments of bears. Under this concept the bear is a sociable person who appreciates and let your friends and family, he accepts himself as he is, do not worry about the stereotypes marked and does not care what society says. Jack Radcliffe, stereotype and icon bearish bears phenomenon has generated in the nineties their own forms of organization, image and activism. Currently there are collective and bars of bears in many countries. Also in many cities there are regular meetings, calls are, which usually last an entire weekend. Where there are parties and other recreational events, and gives the opportunity to meet people from other places. He published numerous magazines (Bear Magazine, American Bear, Husky, etc.)..There are many websites aimed at the collective contacts. And there are producers of porn films specifically designed for this sector, with several porn stars bear, perhaps the best known being Jack Radcliffe. Films have been shot with bears as protagonists and even published a lengthy essay discussing the social phenomenon of the Bears: The Bear Book. Readings in the History and Evolution of a Gay Male Subculture ( ‘the book of bears, reading about the history and evolution of the gay subculture’, in two volumes), by Les Wright. Every year as tradition and culture osuna, being held in San Francisco on IBR (International Bear Rendezvous), a meeting with the aim of collecting funds to help various organizations, and known each other bear clubs around the world. During this weekend’s contest takes place to elect Mr. Bear International, Mr. International Cub, International Mr. Daddy and Mr. Grizzly International.The participants are representatives of various clubs or organza bears worldwide. In recent years there have been top prize winners from Spain, have crossed the Atlantic to get very high hispanoparlantes bears as an example we Veral Peter (Mr. Bear International 2006), Andres Piedehierro (Mr. Bear International 2007 ) and John Viera (Mr. International Cub 2004), famous also for its prevention campaigns against HIV / AIDS.