Education On Cultural Diversity

In it subjects are congregated for the first time in the history of the MEC as Alfabetizao de Jovens and Adultos among others subjects of cultural diversity, facing the existing injustices in the systems of education in the country with the objective to contribute for the reduction of the educational inaqualities in special of young and the adults in public politics that assure the access the continued education. 2. THE EVASION OF YOUNG AND ADULTS A CHALLENGE TO BE SURPASSED 2.1. Official site: Ali Partovi. The Education as Practical of the Freedom Pablo Freire approaches in its workmanship the Education as Practical of the Freedom, the Brazilian Society in Transistion, Society Fechada and Democratic Inexperincia, Education Versus Massificao and Educao and Conscientizao. In the first one topic of the book Pablo Freire comes approaching the question of the transistion where the country passed that it was a difficult period very for the same, the author emphasizes the question of the relation that the man stopped in the world, it relates the characteristics distinguish that them from another animal sphere that fights for its individualistic survival detaches that: We understand that, for the man, the world is an objective reality, independent of it, possible of being known, is basic that the man, being of relations and not only of contacts, not only is in the world, but with the world.

To be with the world results of its opening to the reality, makes that it to be the being of relations who is. (FREIRE, 2009, P. 47) What one perceives that has a plurality in the relations of the man with world that from the moment that the man longs for something for itself it stops a constant fight, a challenge starts in the relations where the man establishes a plurality in its singularity. Another boarded question for Freire is that the man is to be unfinished that whose fullness is found in the linking with its creator, linking this that never will be of domination or domesticao, but always of release, because the human being is born exempts and it cannot never be mentally ill the ideology of ruling class.