Call Center Strategy

Technology strategy can take many forms. In fact, if your database to work is small enough to exclusive one-person, based on a computer and an integrated phone and possibly a simple excel sheet. The important thing here is the strategy. Before technology strategy. Now, if your database is several hundreds or thousands of records and the clients themselves have different options and make multiple transactions in relatively short periods, it must rely on the many tools that modern Call and Contact centers currently offer day. Implement CRM and marketing strategies one to one, is an obligation of any company that wants to survive in the competitive market today.

Customers are increasingly demanding and want to be treated in a timely, flexible, personalized and intelligent. Perhaps this is the reason that the contact center industry has developed into a breathtaking pace. 72% of American companies use the system either internally or via outsourcing. In the United States 11 million people, equivalent to 6. 1% of the economically active population work in call and contact systems centers. In Mexico and are 23. Bogota 000 centers and approximately 300 companies already have their own system.