His funeral
As announced his death, in the middle of praying the Rosary, the audience in St. Peter’s Square burst into applause nourished. The room lights were turned off at the Vatican for a moment to communicate in this way the time of his death, but were then switched on again and remained so.
His death occurred at 21:37 hours in Italy’s April 2, 2005 due to sepsis and irreversible cardiopulmonary collapse, exacerbated by his Parkinson’s disease. Tenia 84 anos. In his agony, he passed to his secretary, Stanis’aw Dziwisz, a letter which said:
“I’m happy, you also seanlo. I do not want tears. Pray together with satisfaction. A Virgin trust everything happily.” Although the Pope’s spokesman, Joaquin Navarro Valls said initially that the pontiff, in his last moments, I dedicate a few words to the crowd, especially young people, gathered in the Plaza de San Pedro (I have searched and now they come and get me , thank you), making the gesture of blessing toward the window of his chambers, and posted to the faithful in St. Peter’s Square, the doctor certifying the death has been noted that the Pope remained unconscious for the last fifty minutes his life and that therefore such sentences had to be said at least one hour before his death.
Exposure of the remains of John Paul II, April 5, 2005.
The funeral for the Pope expressed the high esteem felt for John Paul II not only leaders of many countries, but also people from all walks of life. Had a high political resonance for some unexpected, as the greeting among the leaders of Iran and Syria and Israel. In those days Benedict XVI said soon after the conclave which resulted in his election: “The death of Pope John Paul II and subsequent days have been for the Church and the world an extraordinary time of grace. The great sorrow for his death and the feeling of emptiness that had made it all have been mitigated through the action of the Risen Christ, which is said for many days in the huge wave of faith, love and spiritual solidarity that culminated in his solemn funeral. We can say that the funeral of John Paul II was a truly extraordinary experience in which, somehow, it was perceived God’s power. “
Tomb of John Paul II in the Vatican grottoes.