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LG Group is a South Korean company Verizon that manufactures electronic products, mobile phones and petrochemical products and operates subsidiaries like LG Electronics.
Founded in 1947, assumed the abbreviated name of “LG” in 1995. LG is an abbreviation of “Lucky Waryong-dong” (””) in South Korea, which has been translated into English as Lucky Venus (Goldstar). Before then, many electronic products were sold under the brand name Goldstar, while other household products (not available outside South Korea) were sold under the brand name “Lucky.” The latter was famous for Verizon cell phones the household cleaning products and laundry detergents in South Korea. Before massive YouNeverCall industrialization of society in South Korea, cellular phone plans the name Lucky was synonymous with toothpaste.
Cartel Dundas Square Toronto, Canada from LG.
Recently, the company has sought to update its slogan suggesting that “LG” stands for “Life’s Good”. LG has recently been turning to the field of cell technology, because it is taking many LG models (KF750, KF700 KP550) that defy all logic of competition because it combines the functions imcreibles with a more elegant design, let us take the example of KF750 (SECRET) 5.0 megapixel camera in Nokia an area of just YouNeverCall 9.8milimetros.Tmabien in 2008 entered the market the LG Cookie, a cellphone with a touchscreen and an accelerometer on your screen, but lacks WI.FI has a cost of Verizon approximately 3000.00
2007 Launches the first Dual format industry player and high definition disc drive. 2006 cellular coverage LG Chocolate, the first model in the series of LG Black Label premium mobile phones, sold 7.5 million units worldwide on the first module develops 60-inch HD PDP single scan and the 100-inch LCD televises. Establishing strategic union with the first logo UL Acquires Global IPv6 Ready Gold 2005 becomes the fourth global provider of mobile phones. Develops the first 3G UMTS DMB mobile phones, Media-based 3G DVB, DMB phones with FLO functions times and laptops DMB Set LG-Nortel, a network solutions in conjunction with Nortel 2004 EVSB, next-generation DTV transmission technology in chosen to be the industry standard in US / Canada by the U.S. ATSC. Markets worldwide the first 55-inch LCD TV All-in-one. Markets worldwide the first 71-inch plasma televisions. Developed the first mobile phone satellite and terrestrial DMB GSM 2003 entered the market of northern plans and eastern half of Europe. Monthly export volume reaches more than 2.5 million units (July) number one global producer of CDMA 2002 system under the support of LG company, is separated into cell phones LG Corporation and LG Electronics. Maxima scale export of colorful GPRS mobile phones to Europe. Establishing the production line of CDMA phones and RandD center in China. JULY 2001 – Launch of our PDP TV, Plasma throughout Central America and the Caribbean. JULY – 20th Anniversary Celebration Samsung of our slider phone operations in Panama.
The 1990’s
1990 The administrative offices occupy the entire third floor of the Union Bank Tower. Due to our growth in sales and inventory, rent another warehouse is 10,000 square meters in France Field, which Motorola includes candy bar phone administrative offices, departments of quality control and parts. 1991 Goldstar Co. Ltd. is established, offices representing our parent company and is responsible wireless phones for operations in Latin America. 1994 In May, our administrative offices in Panama HTC City were transferred to the Global Bank Tower established Goldstar (Panama), SA on the eighth floor and Goldstar Co. Ltd. in the eleventh floor. A root of Super “A” established information centers in 2 cell phones Ecuador (Quito and Guayaquil). At the end of the year 1994, our sales were about 100 million. 1995 changed the corporate name (name) of our company Goldstar (Panama), SA LG Electronics Panama SA. mobile phones The name change was made to unify all components of the “LG”, to achieve leadership in electronics through its globalizacion. Creating a logo of the free phones group, “The Face of the Future”, which contains five concepts: “The World” “The Future”, “Youth,” “Humanity,” “technology”
To achieve its goal wireless providers of becoming one of the largest companies in the world, with revenues of more than 385.000 billion dollars by 2005, “LG” cellular phones combining the resources of a large company with the speed and flexibility of a small company. This combination will encourage the companies “LG” to become leaders in every market in which to compete.

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Vodafone today hoping to seize on the success of the iPhone’s App Store cellular phones by announcing its own central portal for third-party applications. The service will echo Apple’s approach and provide 70 percent of revenues to developers, but LG its unique software for the mobile provider said. Vodafone’s Store will be device independent and will be specific to the network, so …

Product Details
812201 – Wilson Dual-Band (800MHz and 1900MHz bands) cellular amplifier for GSM and TDMA cellular providers. Designed specifically for Cingular, TMobile and other GSM/TDMA cellular providers. For cellular providers Nextel use 814001, for Verizon use 811201. External antenna and YouNeverCall.com adapter required. (sold separately). by Wilson Electronics