Pokemon (short for

Pokemon (short for Pocket Monsters, whose literal translation is “pocket monsters”) is a typical RPG game, like the adventures of link in the Game Boy. the acquisition of by Controlled Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in Japan), a preteen boy who is a privately owned investment advisory firm dreams of becoming the best pokemon trainer of all time (see: Pokemon Trainer). The pokemon are inspired by real animals who are given smaller and emerging funds fictional powers: they can cause earthquakes, storms, electric shocks, etc.. No two pokemon equal, because they have different characteristics that distinguish them, namely, its type, its movements, the species to which it belongs (in these two editions, there are 151 different species) and Genius Products their statistical attack, defense, speed and special (average attack and defense of the following special editions).
The main objectives of the private equity company game is to win the Pokemon League (the dream of any coach pokemon equity funds that price) and complete the Pokedex, a tool that allows you to record information about pokemon, extending private equity market from those you’ve captured and providing basic information those seen for the capital worth first time.

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