Aikido Techniques

Execution of aikido techniques implies a clear and correct their performance. Aikido techniques is impossible to perform correctly without a knowledge of the principles of Aikido and the philosophy of aikido. The study of aikido starts with the most elementary aikido techniques. First, given all the basic techniques of aikido. And all the tricks are performed without insurance or even the top without falling.

At the initial stage of the study all options for grabs and elementary release from them. Then gradually moving to lower insurance and the development of understanding of aikido starts top rope. Aikido techniques are studied, not only those who perform them (nage), but also those who attack (uke). Both felt the technique of Aikido sometimes you can understand the technology or some nuance. Especially useful assist advanced students in the techniques or the coaches. Aikido techniques quite varied in content, filling and meaning. Master Aikido can perform the same technique with different goals – from the banal of control over the opponent before the injury. It all depends on the situation.

While in training all aikido techniques are performed gently, in a real situation, these techniques Aikido can be simply disposable. Aikido from Japan, so there are many paid to work with weapons and against it. Almost all of the masters of Aikido believe that aikido and weapons are inseparable. Hence, too, and a wide variety techniques from all sorts of grabs, which in normal life is unlikely someone will apply. Previously, attackers grabbing a man, that he did not have time to get weapons and use them. Are now increasingly trying to hit immediately. But and it is a lot of aikido techniques. Initially, all starting to comprehend this interesting martial arts are in constant tension, and so quickly tired in training. should be able to exert only when it is really necessary and urgent. Those who have mastered the capabilities of the organism and correctly uses the energy of your body may in a few hours to demonstrate the techniques of aikido at the time of another zone.