Agrarian – Down-to-Earth Economy

Agrarian – down-to-Earth economies in times of crisis the turbulent development of capital markets in the course of the euro, financial and debt crisis has significantly reined return appetite of investors, leaving security and monetary stability interests appear clearly in the foreground. Given a crucial role in improving the chance/risk structure of the portfolio is investment diversification. Here closed agrarian as a cause-oriented and sustainable investment vehicle is offered as an attractive alternative. Participation in the agricultural value chain has perspective. The steady and rapid growth of the world’s population, as well as the rapidly changing eating habits of the emerging markets to high-protein food will significantly change the structure of demand and demand quantity in the future. At the same time the potential cultivation or pasture land, which will be affected in ever greater extent of climate change, in increasing competition with increasing urbanization, environmental protection interests appear and not last of the rapidly rising demand for plantations for biofuels. Two fundamental implications result from this constellation. First the rising demand for simultaneous shrinkage of the manufacturing areas, must be through an increase in the revenue yield, so through more efficient management practices what can be achieved through the power of capital and the expertise of specialized fund initiators.

However, will a shortage of agricultural raw materials in the future be hardly avoidable, according to prices are likely to rise medium – and long-term and for agricultural funds provide this additional value creation and profit opportunities. Of course, agricultural funds like any business involvement are not entirely risk-free. It is political and legal risks, especially in non-European countries as well to keep in mind as the usual in the agricultural commodity market price fluctuations. The volatility is created mainly due to seasonal over or under production in consequence of the climatic influences, political intervention in the market mechanism, as well as speculation. It it is advisable instead to plan investments in agricultural funds as a long-term investment, to smooth market volatility throughout the duration of the system and to take advantage of the development opportunities. At the choice of the Fund should, however, necessarily care that is calculated with conservative revenue forecasts and no commodity price speculation be operated.

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