Beginner Mother

When she was in the segundaria school my daughter asked to us if she could spend a weekend with a friend. My husband and I knew their friend neither to their parents very or. And a still greater factor, we did not know the family that would go to visit. Our answer to the broken heart then of the girl was not. She could not include/understand and she did not understand it. When we were even making the decision, a part of me did not understand it either. It questioned to me same: Why you cannot be like other parents? Why you must be careful and to think in advance about the things? Why you must make decisions that cause pain to them to your children? was not the first time that had those thoughts.

To say not to handle single for the house of some friendly of the university. To say not to send photos by the telephone. Continuously the same dilemma ran in my mind. Not only it fought with wanting that my daughters fitted but with my own desire to fit. It asks us to Jesus in our key versicle: Why they fight as if they were of this world? Luchar with things like: To let to our children choose clothes that are fashionable but that also it reveals much, we love that they fit, certain? To give our children which other children have: Cellular telephones, portable computers, clothes of mark. We do not want to deprive them of that, certain? To allow to our children liberties beyond its age and maturity, but that other children have. We would not want that were different, certain? In this fight Jesus he animates to us: But you are selected lineage, real priesthood, nation santa, town that belongs to God, so that they proclaim the wonderful works of which it called of the darknesses to his admirable light (1 Pedro 2:9) Chosen, sanctity, a special possession.