Zamora reported the governor to the ILO

It is for “union persecution” santiague a health workers. This afternoon the owner of the Trade Union Federation of Health Professionals from Argentina (FESPROSA), Jorge Yabkowski, submit a complaint against the governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, union persecution before the International Labor Organization (ILO) . According to the complainant, Zamora “instead of recognizing the efforts made every day by workers, opted to move and pursue those who put the body to give answers to thousands of people whose only recourse the public health system. Workers in the province, in turn, will march on Wednesday to the Ministry of Health in Santiago and will remain in place until receipt by the highest authorities of the portfolio. “5600 to 8000 health workers in the province are precarious contracts. More than 4000 nurses, health workers, drivers and managers have a salary of 660 pesos in black, with no input or social work. None of the 5,600 reaches the minimum wage, fixed and mobile life by the Nation of 1,500 pesos, “said Yabkowski.In addition to being suspended without pay a doctor and take his position in the direction of a hospital for involvement of the claims, terminate contracts of other professionals and practitioners move as retaliation for union activity, health professionals of the province in late December denounced attacks by “a gang of pointers and plainclothes police sent by the governor Zamora.” Anna Marchese, concerning the FESPROSA in Santiago, said “the health system has collapsed and does not cover the needs of our people. Thousands of children die from hunger and diseases that are caused by poverty. ” The most exemplary of the poor this is the Regional Hospital, which is the only one in the province with all emergency services 24 hours.”The hospital is overflowing, with no elements, with gaps of all types: building construction, and personnel input, which, moreover, paid the same as the guard smaller and simpler in any emergency room,” explained from the Regional Hospital . “Amid Epidemic of Dengue Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1), Chagas, child malnutrition, Leprosy, were the health workers who put the chest and face these situations on all fronts and positions,” said Marchese. 0006.html