What Is Spam?

In the early years of the Internet, when everything was new and almost unexplored in this field, almost nobody had access to the Net or an email box. Then, receive an email was almost an unexpected privilege. However, after the internet boom during the last five years, receiving mail became much more common and stepping firmly on the scene appeared the enemy of all the boxes “spam” or unwanted mail. These messages, usually commercial break massively invade our cells, our instant messaging software, and even our mobile phones. Thus, harm us in several ways: introducing into our intimacy, bringing viruses, trojans, and reducing overall bandwidth. For assistance, try visiting search.

Can we imagine how quickly everything would work without those gigabytes and gigabytes of spam? And unfortunately they are not the only elements that plague our computers. Their close relatives, and even pop videos and ads on Google are quite unpleasant, but supposedly legal. Is there anything that a normal user can do to stop them? At this point it is not so easy for a normal user to stop them easily. In some countries like Spain and the United States unsolicited email is prohibited by law and in Spain, thanks to the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, possession is punishable database of emails to consider personal information. But while these attempts have had good intentions have been almost no effect and could not stop the flow of spam, more and more abundant, to our computers. Some things that a user can do to alleviate the consequences of this mail is annoying to have your server configured correctly, because SPAM exploits the flaws in the system to enter.

So, if your server is configured as Open Relay, do not need a password to enter and exit freely all types of mail. But, specifically, the most effective so far is preserve the email address as possible. Tips to avoid SPAM: Use a funnel to the account and not give the true account address not published in public places, and if you do, do not publish it in text mode, but within an image to avoid being automatically crawl Using a temporary account for one-time transactions, such as confirming an order or request information on sites where it is likely to sell your address or use it for SPAM displayed such as to avoid supplanting the automatic tracking.