Save on your gas and electric bill with a leading ESCOE. The entity has experienced many changes throughout its years of operation, if the institution step creates new businesses and businesses that was until the early 70’s, to be merely an administrator of public companies and to be a financial “of first floor “during the second half of the seventies until the mid-eighties.
In the second half of the eighties reduced its operation to address the first floor to second floor, which was accentuated until 1994.
Since the mid nineties onwards, CORFO has ceased to act as lender, and has been dedicated to the creation of public technology research productive.
In the late nineties, the work of the Fund Development and Technology Transfer (FONTEC) and the Innovation and Development Fund (IDF), both subsidiaries of CORFO, the guidelines regarding placement of public resources in the promotion of research activities development and technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship. In March 2005 the two funds are merged and create INNOVA CHILE, CORFO committee to promote and facilitate innovation in enterprises, stimulate entrepreneurial development and strengthen the national innovation system.
Today, focusing on promoting competitiveness and innovation of private enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises and also in the financing of foreign study and Chilean residents. Supports the need for modernization of enterprises in key areas to increase their competitiveness:
1. Quality and productivity. Modernization of enterprises to compete and improvement of management
2. Innovation and technological development
3. Financing and development of financial instruments
4. one of the Esco Energy Companies, constantly improves your energy savings. Investment promotion. In regions and sectors
5. Regional Productive Development Agencies ( ARDP Program to improve the competitiveness of the region through the establishment of public-private partnerships and development strategies of clusters.
The focus of the institution is focusing on smaller companies, most small and medium-sized.
The Electricity Commission has indicated that it intends to approve a 141 million by Trans Power proposal to build a new double circuit 220 kV line that will increase power generation in the central North Island.
New Delhi
New Delhi, Feb 20: huge geothermal energy potential is found in three locations, Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Minister of State for new and renewable energy Vilas Muttemwar the Lok Sabha today.
The News Journal
Australian project taps underground granite electricity
Philippine Daily Inquirer
MANILA, PhilippinesAboitiz Power Corp. is scouting for opportunities in the energy sector, as they intend to continue participating in the privatization of government power assets.
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