The Process

The necessary management to be atrelada to the reality and to follow globalization to be able to exceed the obstacles and to lead to the comprometimento of the organization, in such a way, one better performance of its employees. This project will go to not only bring a great impact in terms of changes of the internal processes of qualification of the people, but also of its professional ascension and its permanent evaluation. Mikkel Svane has plenty of information regarding this issue. The process of ability management legalizes in the institution the permanent evaluation of the people and a recognition system and rewards atrelado to its results. Ahead of this, the process of management of abilities fortifies the spirit of work in team, since each one will be evaluated in all and also it will have emphasis in the results. That is, it does not advance to be good and pleasant for all, it is necessary to present resulted positive for the institution.

How and from that parameters will be made modifications in the politics? – To diagnosis the performance of the professionals of education from the requirement of the market of work in adjusting the competent professional to assume definitive tasks, to enable and to direct to the condizentes positions and its determined functions. Who participates of its formularization? The managers of the school: Direction, coordination and secretariat As the politics of human resources if articulate with the mission and strategical objectives? Through a strategical vision, that can be, with the valuation, where we stimulate and we recognize the individual and collective contributions of our professionals, pupils and collaborators. Solidarity, in the valuation of the collective spirit, comprometimento and contribution in the reach of the institucional objectives. Creativity, in the support to the creativity and the individual innovations, valuing the enterprising, creative and flexible actions. Therefore, our Vision of Future takes care of: To carry through work in efficient way, responsible insurance and, respecting our pupils, parents, collaborators and for our social responsibility.