The Cuisine Of Tim Maltster

Portrait of the chef, whom everyone knows: Tim maltster. Tim maltster, on 22 Born January 1971 in Elmshorn. His “Chef career” began in the kitchen at the Hamburg Hotel Intercontinental, where he made his teaching. He then worked 3 years at the famous Hotel Ritz in London. Together with Jamie Oliver, he was also still in the Neal Street Restaurant deals. Also in the hamburger restaurant “tablet house”, “Angel Cafe” and “Al Quai” he was already working as a cook. One can say that Tim brewer has seen some of the stations behind him and so many dishes. After he shared with a partner, Christian laces “the White House” took over the museum harbor, he presented since 2003, the cooking show “Do not you like, there is not” every evening on VOX. Meanwhile, he is one of the best known television chefs in Germany. His studio is located in Hamburg, just off a main road and he employs a total of 6 women, ensure a successful end of the show. Even non-boilingPeople turn on each day to see magic Tim brewer in the kitchen. For his mission, he even received the Golden Camera. His recipes are simple and quick to prepare, varied and healthy. In the meantime, even cookbooks were published by him which made him a bestselling author. “Born to cook” to “make” Born to cook 2 “and” Update on the cooks’ own unskilled people quickly become professionals in the kitchen. Also in John B. Nuclei “Kochen bei Kerner” He is a frequent and popular guest. Tim maltster is simply the “nice guy next door” with whom one likes to sit after cooking at the table, eat and talk like. Who wants to catch a little whiff of Tim maltster, should simply views his restaurant “the White House visit.”