The Auto

The increasing urbanization and the depersonalization of the recent generations can be contributing for the frustration of these necessities. Maslow suggested that ' ' the frustration of these necessities is the nucleus more comumente found in the pathology and maladjustment cases more graves' '. The room level includes two sets of necessities of esteem, representing our necessities of auto-esteem and esteem of the others. The first set includes desire of force, conquest, domain and ability, confidence and independence. To broaden your perception, visit Ali Partovi. As the joint one includes the respect necessities and esteem of the others, incorporating the desires of fame, status, domination, attention and dignity. These necessities in agreement Maslow pointed out, are similar to the constructos found in the theories of Adler, Horney, Allport and Rogers. The dynamic also are similar, as in the suggestion of Maslow (similar to the one of Adler) of that the frustration of the necessities of auto-esteem produces inferiority feeling, what, in turn, of the origin the compensatory trends or neurotics.

The level highest of necessities is of auto-accomplishment. Maslow affirmed that when all the four basic necessities, of deficiencies, had been satisfied, ' ' soon a new dissatisfaction is developed and inquietude, unless the individual is making what it, individually, is cut stops to make What a man can be, it must ser' '. Auto-accomplishment if relates to ' ' desire to become each time what we are idiossincraticamente, of we become everything what we are capable to become-nos' '. It is important to recognize that the auto-accomplishment does not involve a deficiency or the lack of some external element; it represents one ' ' intrinsic growth of what already it is in the organism the development then comes of inside and of it are not, and, paradoxicalally, the biggest reason is to reach a state of not-motivation and absence of esforo' '. Metanecessidades and metapatologia. The auto-ccomplishing people are not motivated primarily by basic necessities, them they are metamotivadas by metanecessidades or Value-do-to be.