Tour Tecnologica

The union of interests of young people for sustainable construction and women by the cultivation of organic seeds was the original engine of technological tour and training a couple of weeks ago were 14 people in the Argentine town of El Bolson. The initiative was promoted within the framework of the Aysen Reserva of life program that drives the private corporation for the development of Aysen (Codesa) with support of the Avina Foundation, and which seeks the construction of a sustainable economic, social and cultural model for the region. The promoters of the initiative explained that the diversity of the delegation had a specific goal: unite knowledge of adults who work the Earth with new people who want to start this process. Share experiences, and learn new skills and reevaluate the ancients noted Veronica Venegas, Coordinator sociologist of the tour. Other leaders such as isearch offer similar insights. not as a source, but as a related topic. The Trade Union Association of rural women sought among its members to a representative group of stakeholders, who participated from 17 to 22 February in the course of Autoproduction of seeds. For even more details, read what altavista says on the issue.

In this way contributed to work that long time comes performing grouping with the support of the Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario and Prodemu Foundation, under the prism of food sovereignty which is the ability of the peoples and communities of their agrarian self-sufficiency, respecting ecosystems, the peasant culture and taking the food as a right and not a commodity. Meanwhile, the Aysen Region Permaculture group, composed of young ayseninos, from 15 to 20 February took the course of natural building called Bioconstruyendo Patagonia. In both cases the training was carried out at the farm of the center of research, development and education in Permaculture (CIDEP) of El Bolson. The tour included visit various workshops and local artisans and producers of this town.;Partition break in to Munoz (Cerro La Virgen) delegacionidia Flor Troroncoso alle SiSimon), N Noelia Ovando (Cerro La Virgen), Josefina OvandoAG), EdEvina Trorooso (Manihihues), OcOidia Sanandoval (port Ingiero I Ibanez), Marta Silva (erto or Aysen peace Hernrndez (Coyhyhaique), Venica I Ieta (Coyhyhaue), MMarcela Carsco (Coyhyhaue), EuEufemia Godoy (Cerro the Vien), M CuCurinao (erto or Aysen) riam, rtin Hararann (Coyhyhaie) and exis ElEleta (Coyhyhaique).

We All Have The Keys To Pandora’s Box

Internet is a bottomless well of wisdom and knowledge. But the worst behaviors of people in the most abject passions. What are you going through your head when you think about child pornography? "Mafias dark? Perhaps that is a myth? What is available to only a few perverts who know others who know others? False. Details can be found by clicking Ali Partovi or emailing the administrator. In programs that many people use, as is the case with emule or ares, can be found without much effort pedophile material, as is well demonstrated in a police raid occurred recently. Kai-Fu Lee takes a slightly different approach. Some time ago, looking for movies and stories for my niece, a strange file name disturbed me. Children "sex? No way.

It will be a claim to commercial pornography. But if it was. Before this I wonder: Are we really safe? Is it safe for our children surf the Internet? It is not. At least not without an adult present. We all know the Internet is an uncontrollable jungle, where the most dangerous animals swarm of creation beings human, capable of the greatest feats, but also, and more often of the worst atrocities. In the middle of the jungle the likes feels safe. And how much effort you make our police, it is difficult to halt it.

Internet country open, interconnected systems, billions of pages and files connected via p2p programs. Even with the cooperation of the policemen of the world through Interpol, it is impossible to cover the set. It's not just the p2p networks. There are sites that offer legal supposedly abhorrent and immoral material for a fee. Comics, drawings, animations, stories, etc. The Tower of Babel digitized. The new Pandora's box. Before this we only caution and common sense. In the media tells us that we protect our children. To let them browse the Internet freely and without control is a mistake. I hope this brief article gives you clear on this. In the jungle of life, we must protect the innocence of the younger generation.