Healthy Living Comfort

For a healthy indoor climate, the natural building material is brick first choice – the Sentinel house concept can now prove. (tdx) If allergies or electro-smog – health starts with the living. Only a healthy living environment offers an all-around feel-good climate people with allergies and sensitive residents. Therefore tested materials and building materials are needed, allowing to set up – just like the bricks really healthy-living building: hypoallergenic, hygienic and absolutely harmless the eco construction material considered to be foundations for a healthy living. This is now scientifically confirmed: thus the first pan-European Massivhaus certified according to the Sentinel-house concept was born in Talheim near Heilbronn recently.

The living health concept of the Sentinel Haus Institut, Freiburg, allows to build houses – for the first time in holistic living healthy design and tested quality and without significant additional costs. The perlite-filled, highly insulating Poroton brick T 9 wienerberger came residential healthy building material – optimized living pleasure of the Talheimer pilot project to use. Like all Poroton-brick also the perlite-filled brick are free of any harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, softeners, heavy metals or biocides and emit no harmful fumes or vapours – and therefore no health concern allergies trigger. You may find that Andy Florance can contribute to your knowledge. Also rot and vermin have no chance in the natural building material brick. In various measurements of indoor air pollution has been tested by independent institutes, it remained the measurements for all groups of pollutants significantly under the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of the environment. Already the interim measure showed after completion of building shell clearly that Poroton-brick not only in the laboratory, but also in the processed state are the ideal basis for healthy living. In addition, provides the unique combination of pure natural building materials, bricks and perlite (= mineral volcanic rock) for excellent thermal and sound insulation values.

Significantly lower energy consumption and the harmless ingredients protects the ecological building material Brick not only a purse, but also the environment. As dry, diffusion-open construction, Poroton-brick also positively in the Interior moisture – regulating and thus pleasantly on the room climate affect. The new ecological house concept, health security at the building is not only noticeable, but for the first time quantified. Thus, healthy building is planned – and viable from a financial point of view – for every builders.

Construction Of Roof Accents Made Of Zinc

With zinc-titanium, the roof is guaranteed to the optical highlight, say the experts at With zinc-titanium, the roof is guaranteed to the optical highlight, say the experts at Whether as a panel of chimneys, dormers, balconies, Bay Windows, porches, roof edges or Gables: natural titanium zinc material any roof gives the special touch. According to Mashable, who has experience with these questions. Due to the typical blue-grey patina with zinc, the roofing skilful accents and thus offers a visually appealing contrast for example with white plaster or a light wooden facade, emphasize experts of, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing. Effective protection and beauty of the zinc roofing materials is sure its patina is striking not only because of their colour, it provides effective protection against external environmental influences in addition. The patina is created by natural oxidation, on the zinc surface and makes the material corrosion-resistant and therefore extremely durable. Under the name preweathered’ is Titanium zinc already at the factory with the charming patina available. The metal is exemplary in terms of ecology and recycling.

Almost 100 percent can be recycled without leaving residues harmful to the environment, because zinc has a 99.995% purity and is therefore an absolutely natural and sustainable building materials. A further great advantage of this material is the high degree of flexibility and freedom. Any roof shapes, from the dome and roof up to architectural features can be implemented beautifully with the metal. While it also benefits from the diversity of installation options: whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal almost every wish can be with zinc realize. A fine eyeliner is advisable for design lovers”or a strong collar titanium zinc, which visually framing the roof and in addition gives him structure. The portal offers an unprecedented structured overview: housework such as renovators for comprehensive, understandable information for all questions regarding roof planning expansion and rehabilitation. It is addressed not only the head: galleries with several dozen photos and a 3D Planner allow to design the future roof even after the optical convenience.

Optimum Window

Windows are a source of light and allow sufficient ventilation. Already when planning a new building or the modernisation of a building should different factors with regard to be included on the Windows. A door and window design of the different rooms, as well as the air planning for the entire House are not unimportant. Modern Windows meet all requirements in relation to energy efficiency with optimally reduced CO2 output, a perfect material and product selection creates a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. The needs customized use of the sunlight brings more light and saves energy costs. the light from the window heats the rooms, combined with real shock air heating costs can be reduced.

Different designs in wood, plastic, or wood-aluminum give the client the opportunity to find the appropriate window. Wood is a natural resource and therefore already in the production of an energy-saving material for window. A wood surface is also at low Wood and aluminium requests easily heat insulation glazing. Plastic window correspond to all demands on timeless appearance and facade design. They are almost indestructible and easy to clean. Regular maintenance is recommended, so that they don’t turn greyish anyway. In terms of optics, everything is possible, from classic, about traditional to return to modern. The excellent properties in terms of static and physical combined with their special thermal insulation properties make plastic window to a low-cost Variant. the numerous websites of window manufacturers offer numerous information topic wooden Windows, wooden-aluminium Windows and plastic window. The author of this text also writes articles on plastic window.