Asphalt works – a process unit of pavement. Modern technologies allow asphalt to do better road surface than a few years ago. Now the company who orders roads Petersburg can even choose the color of asphalt pavement! The process of asphalt used everywhere. It is used in road construction, and patching of roads, and beautification Territories – asphalt playgrounds, parking lots, etc. Technology asphalt.

Asphalting is done by laying asphalt mixtures prepared base. The first stage clearance territory under the asphalting. Next on the cleared ground is laid foundation for future road or area. Thus the base can serve as a nonrigid foundation – otsevnye materials (crushed stone, gravel) and hard foundation – concrete. On the resulting base is laid asphalt concrete mix.

Asphalt concrete mix produced at manufacturing plants, or on site – from a strictly defined proportions of sand, gravel, mineral powder and bitumen. Then this mixture at 175 C delivered to the facility, where it is laying. As a rule, asphalting done in one or two layers. If you anticipate an increased load on the road, then placed 3-4 layers of asphalt mixtures. Laying blacktop carries asfaltobetonoukladchik. The last stage of compaction layers of asphalt produced rollers. Further, the surface is treated with bituminous asphalt emulsion. Asphalt mixture. Asphalt mixture is separated into crushed stone, gravel and sand. Further classification of mixtures is a function of temperature packing. According to this criterion asphalt mixture can be divided into hot and cold. Hot mix laid at not less than 120 C, cold – at or below 5 C. Hot asphalt can be divided into coarse, fine and sandy, depending on the the largest size of mineral grains. Cool the mixture can be divided into fine-grained and sandy. Depending on the porosity of asphalt concrete shall have the following split: – hot asphalt concrete: high-density, compact, porous, highly porous – cold asphalt have a residual porosity of 6% to 10% (GOST 9128-97). Further, gravel and gravel are divided into types: A, B, C, D and D. For more types of decoding gravel and gravel concretes can be found in gost 9128-97. Asphalting should be done in the dry warm weather. Work on the device cover must be completed 15 days before the autumn rains. The exception is the mixture with activated mineral materials. It should also be keep in mind that when installing a stacked layer asfaltobetonoukladchikom thickness must be greater than 15% than the design thickness. Asphalting of the road to hold area go to the technology under the force not to each company. Only qualified technicians can carry out road construction Petersburg, and these roads will last a long time.

Properties And Types Of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate – a new polymer, which, by the properties can be attributed to plastic materials engineering class. Pete Cashmore is often quoted on this topic. Polycarbonate is, basically, two, or three-layer panels with stiffeners, which have high light transmission capacity and good mechanical properties. Physico-mechanical properties of polycarbonate are the same in a much wider than that of acrylic, temperature range (-45 C to +120 C) and shock resistant polycarbonate glass is more than a hundred times, and more than acrylic, almost ten times. Polycarbonate – a product of polycondensation diphenylolpropane and phosgene (carbonic acid chloride). Polycarbonate panels are not replace the glass or glazing in all designs. But if you wisely use polycarbonate panels, they can help architects to develop durable, comfortable, plastic of various buildings and facilities.

The same material produced in different colors. Besides the great advantages of polycarbonate, there are some shortcomings that need to pay attention when using. As with any plastic material, is prone to thermal expansion than material structures. When designing, especially in large flat coatings, this property requires special technical solutions. There are also mechanical damage the surface of sheets, such as a glass. To protect from damage the surface of sheets you can handle the special coating, or leave a protective plastic cover until the end of installation. Wide industrial application was found the following types of sheet materials made of polycarbonate: 1.Sotovy (cellular) polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the most common type of polycarbonate, used in the construction industry today. Due to the low specific weight polycarbonate construction of its light and airy.