SPEAKER / Aurelia Gil / Pop Fiction

After pursue advanced studies in Fine Arts, major in fashion design and build the fellowship of Gran Canaria Moda Calida in March 2003 Aurelia Gil is born as a signature brand of women’s pret a porter.It was from the moment when the young designer begins to move by the national circuits of fashion as the Platform for Young Artists (2003-06 SIMM Madrid), Pasarela Gran Canaria Moda Calida (2003-07 Gran Canaria), Democircuit Area (2005 Circuit Barcelona), Pasarela del Carmen (2006-07 Valencia), Milk Honey Superior Area (2006-07 Bread Butter Barcelona), Showroom Ego Cibeles (2006 Madrid), Ephemere Modorra Store (2006 Bilbao) and Rock’n Gateway Fashion (2008-09 Gran Canaria). Taking as a starting premise of pure color, or born POP FICTION POP FICTION, spring summer collection 2010. By setting as its objective the achievement of linear and planar images, I have prioritized, this time, the color on the drawing. Thus, completely discarded in the search prints and drawings that are created compositions exist linear cuts that give the feeling of wanting to illustrate a postcard style PopFrom the formal point of view are listed guidelines, imposing the miniskirt, the forms are simplified to the maximum, the dress appears in all versions, the stems up, the emphasis in two pieces, it exalts the use of pockets and shirts completely lost their complex cuts. With regard to raw material, we’ll see silk, lycra and cotton. Creating another parallel play of textures and glosses in lemon yellow, turquoise, lime green, fuchsia, charcoal gray, raspberry, cherry, white, black, sand pink, orange, blue and blue. The result is a sophisticated look, comfortable, feminine and very sexy this time also. Highly urban garments like American or swimwear are contrasted with the gauzy gowns.”Buying is more American than thinking,” Andy Warhol. www.aureliagil.com aureliagio gmail.com