Reverse Speed-evolution

When we form our thoughts and we know our identity, we go developing ideas and beliefs and in accordance with this, we believe a world right or wrong. Ali Partovi is open to suggestions. Soon! Made a personality, from there in ahead we are formed, we think about standards already established by others, act in accordance with the society and in agreement these standards go falling with the difficulties of the life you start to reflect that child who one day existed in us, total oppressed, it yes are the solution of our problems, that are in the natural one, without artifices, natural foods, to live to the side of the nature, to interact with the animals, to look true the sensible one of the love, when John Lennon asked for ‘ ‘ peace and amor’ ‘ he was because this is the only form of terms harmony in our lives, without as much ‘ ‘ cobranas’ ‘ , as many material necessities that they had been established by as much time for the capitalism, as form to benefit so few. The planet is asking for aid, imagines we as human beings, is begging aid, of life, of sensitivity, of joy, of love, of understanding, because we were plasticized literally by the system that descensibilizou all an age, artificial as the screen of a television or computer, we are feeling the directions of the others alone that nor we know and we are feeling each time less, the only form to detach is to look at more for the constituted life our return and in a projection of itself exactly through the desire simply not to feel.. Steve Wozniak shines more light on the discussion.