In a relevant article by Maruja Torres last month, is reflected in a nutshell what Health we wanted to capture days ago medical bills in this letter. He speaks of the need for Heads of Human Resources to be put in place of another, and be able to understand those who feel they hire and who fired. the best insurance plan can be found with objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare He mentions Carmen Mur (president of Manpower), topping the excellent article: What will differentiate us in this crisis are attitudes. In difficult personal moments, when the train stops unexpectedly, ideas and thoughts that arise suddenly awake in cerebral cortical areas apparently barren. The ADEHI bold initiative, led by Dr. Hector Cortina, is commendable. I went to the exhibition of the past 25, with broad representation of health and few policyholders, beneficiaries over 40 years of delivery, effort, training and a strong voluntarism of all staff, in a bureaucratic environment. Dedicated exclusively to public health during my professional health insurance life from 73 (MIR faith, especially in pediatric radiology Faith, Faith Assistant Pediatric Radiology, and currently Head of Radiology Department, Hospital X), I would like to focus briefly comments: 1. A child is not a small adult. 2. The management of the organizations represented a revolution of the last century (Drucker, 1954: ‘The Practice of Management’, Management of the Non Profit Organitation: Practices and Principles 1990). ‘Management’ (business hospital administration or business address), we step ahead without realizing its enormous importance. 3. I admit, I share and I assume the ‘Management’ as the rationalization of the resources needed for better functioning of an organization or company (for 50 years going to school I always noticed a trade that was called the three Bs: Well, Bonito y Barato). 4. There is something fundamental in differentiating and non-profit organizations such as the proposed new HI The Faith of the century, and is the comprehensive and specialized professional training of any hospital staff who tried to s babysitter s (0 to 15a.). And this can not be managed exclusively economistic vision, but this facet forming exquisite care. 5. I congratulate the managers and different Assistant Directors Faith ( ‘the true skeptic is the one that explores what we know. “Kofman F.), they have had, for his courage and leadership, for his numerous awards received: Medical Economics to the best management, digitization of the ECG (Fent Salut) ‘. Certainly I have not seen or a minimal self-criticism in the management of one of the most important companies of the VC 6. I hope this reflection shared, reasoned criticism and help to improve the proposed new Children’s Hospital La Fe for the sake of his family Nonprofit. In the end the same dilemma: to be or have (E. Fromm).