Printer Wireless

The wireless networks appear to be leading the consumption of electronic devices and at present, the majority of peripherals can be optimized with wireless, from keyboards or the mouse up to Ethernet and broadband connections. Wireless technology, of course, makes the user experience more flexible and orderly. The latest devices that need no longer cables are laser printers. Since they play a role much more practical than many other devices PC, printers have earned a bad reputation for heinous traffic jams paper and run out of ink just when we need it. But today, the printers are still an essential element in any Office, so make it wireless is definitely a good idea.Some blue tooth printers work with your own IP address as a customer of wireless networks, while others are installed as a component more than one already configured wireless network. A leading source for info: technology investor. However, all operate in a similar manner. To install a WiFi printer or one laser printer wireless in your Office or in your home, all you need is a wireless adapter (most computers already have it built-in) and an installation disk for the driver on CD or DVD. With these elements, you only have to set the parameters for the wireless network, which is already configured in the majority of homes or offices today.On your computer, enter the Control Panel from the start menu and click on printers and Faxes option.

As you would do to install any printer, choose the option Add a printer in the Printer Tasks menu, and then click Next. This step generally you will have to create a new port using Standard TCP/IP port connection, then go to the next page. Then set the IP address to be assigned to your new printer, so that it is distinguishable from other wireless devices that your computer uses, and finally click Finish to complete the action.Then installing any new peripherals to your PC, it is recommended to reboot the system so that it can identify the presence of new hardware. Then, insert the installation disc in the CD or DVD reader and start it from the my computer option. Opens the disc and look for the driver installation file. Run this file and install it on your PC, restarting again once the driver is fully installed.Once the printer and driver are installed and recognized by your PC, it is time to make a test print. If the test is successful, you’re about to finish, only you have to think in the best place to locate your printer. Obviously, the wireless printers give you lots of options, but throughout Office printer should occupy a central place accessible to all users and to a suitable height, ideally with a contiguous space for paper and ink.