Organizational Strategies

The proposal of the article is to make apanhado theoretician on this subject and to argue, comparing the perspectives of the authors. It is I divide in four sections: organizacional culture; National culture x Foreign Culture; Merger and acquisitions: the effect of this process in the organizacional culture and organizacional change. Word-key: Culture. Fusing and/or acquisition. Change organizacional.1 INTRODUOO term culture has been sufficiently argued in some sciences since the Anthropology Psychology. Speaking candidly told us the story.

All we live deeply the culture we are in house, work, college, each place has its identity and its values. When presenting to the employees its beliefs, values, rituals, norms, routines and taboos of the organization, what it is intended is to search its identification with the standards to be followed in the organization. Of this form, if it supplies to a direction sense all the people who share of this way. The definitions of what it is desirable and undesirable, are introjetadas by the operating individuals in the system, having guided its action in the diverse interactions that they execute in the daily one. The culture is the base that inside conducts any process of the organization, amongst them of fusing and/or the acquisition. It is understood that in this practical the culture suffers some modifications, for if joining to other perspectives. Inside of the process of merger and acquisitions, it is possible to perceive the movement that the culture provides and as the processes of organizacionais changes can happen, therefore in this context, the individuals can reveal resistant the change, since they have internalizado models of organization of the work, relations with the pairs and leadership, beyond beliefs and values transmitted for organizao.2Esse study have as objective to bring the conceptualization of the organizacional culture, comparing the aspects and the impacts ahead of the process of merger and acquisitions, and to argue the strategies of confrontation used by the organization to deal with the impacts caused for the organizacionais changes..