Natural Resources Ministry

Russian Natural Resources Ministry said that to impeach the head of the Irkutsk administration for issuing RTN Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill (BPPM) permits for wastewater discharges into the lake after the fact. Earlier, Russian environmentalists have repeatedly called for closing the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill as well as in their opinion, it pollutes the Baikal. In addition, Rosprirodnadzor filed combine environmental claims in four billion rubles, but the issuance of permits for Rostekhnadzor effluents has become an obstacle for these funds through the courts. Global warming could have devastating consequences for Siberia in the coming years the growth of ice melting in the Arctic Ocean may speed up to three times the same process in the permafrost belt stretching across Siberia up to Alaska and Canada. These conclusions were American scientists who have created computer models and use them to find that melting sea ice may lead to higher air temperatures and melting permafrost. Permafrost is covered with about a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere and the Arctic is believed to contain about 30% of all contained in the earth's soil carbon. Melting permafrost threatens destruction of roads, pipelines and buildings constructed in the calculation of the ever-frozen ground. Be threatened and the local fauna.

In addition, this process can result in the evolution of closed deep in the earth greenhouse gases that exacerbate global warming. Particularly relevant would be the problem in 2030 in Russia. Destruction in the north of the Russian Federation related to global warming could be catastrophic, said first Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Minister Ruslan Tsalikov.