Boston vs. Lakers – Lakers vs. Boston

I am Real Madrid and the Lakers. When I start to compare both leagues really think the Lakers are more like the Celtics Barcelona and Real Madrid, but as with any comparison, this is not entirely accurate. The Celtics seem to Madrid as they are the team or franchise with more championships (17), in its tradition and in that rancid as toquecillo trunk of memories covered in dust. Meanwhile the Lakers are the team showtinme and glamor, more colorful and modern, somewhat like Barcelona, at least in terms of its relationship with progressivism tradcional (although they are more conservative than the central government), while that Madrid would relate more to the right. However, there are some differences. Real have not been 22 years without winning a championship and have some more pasta than Barcelona (though Catalans, with all due respect).The Madrid is considered the Barcelona first team and second (in spite of them aunqe some and this is not an absolute). This gives me some doubts about my sports preferences, but I think the conclusion to be drawn is that once you are on a computer already inside you and you can not change it. As much as the poor progress of one of my teams I produce resignation, or a player appears theoretically or potentially better than my preferred merely exalt the moment one of them outweighs the other. I mean, if Real are 12 points dle Barcelona and I stop watching football and lose love when my team wins inwhichthe jump for joy, because I have repressed the pain inside. Or when Kobe Bryant and LeBron James picks up a medicine gets in your face or Chamberlain puts it to Jabbar (by ejempplo) although LeBron or Kareem also have done at another time, I go crazy. That’s where we see the true passion and true feelings. I had a little problem with the blog (template), and he wanted to change a photo and I hump the invention, so I decided to change the presentaci n and point because I think that it is so pretty. Meanwhile I had time to upload to my youtube channel some jewelry that is worth oje si, at least for you to know they exist. In this first we see the end of the 7th game of the End of ’66 with the legendary images of Auerbach smoking the cigar from his latest ring victory as coach. Learn from how to be a true role model. And to compensate with the previous video I put this other than me I love Personal Tech. It’s Jack Ramsay (coach of the same video of “a woman moves the basket”). The former manager of the Sixers champions in 1967 and coached the Trail Blazers of ’77. After the best known (Auerbach, Jackson and Riley), the most important. This is Jack at 70 years practicing triathlon on the coast of New Jersey, a very nice vacation spot for sure.Relatively nearby, on Cape Cod, the summer resort of Massachusetts (Boston precisely), Jaws was filmed.