Bello political-administrative structure

Bello political-administrative structure is governed by a democratic system based on administrative decentralization processes generated by the Political Constitution of Colombia in 1991. The city is governed by a mayor (executive) and a Municipal Council (legislature). Mayor Bello. Mayor Bennett is the head of government and municipal administration, accounting, legal and justice out of court to the municipality. It is a popularly elected office for a period of four years. The current mayor is Oscar Andres Perez. The main functions are to administer the Mayor’s own resources of the municipality, providing for the welfare and interests of their citizens and represent them before the National Government. It should also boost local policies to improve the quality of life, such as health programs, housing, education and road infrastructure also maintain public order.Beautiful City Council is a public corporation elected, composed of 19 councilors, elected democratically for a period of four years. The council is the legislative body and makes binding agreements within its territorial jurisdiction. Its functions include the mayor approve projects, giving the organic standards of the budget and issue the annual budget of revenues and expenditures. To manage the municipality, the municipal government has 10 ministries.