Internet Archive 37

Internet Archive 37 48’0 “N 122 27’37” W / 37.8, -122.46028 Barracks Internet Archive in the Presidio of San Francisco, formerly a military base in San Francisco. Internet Archive is a website and a non-profit organization aimed at the preservation of Web and multimedia records. Created in 1996, is located in the Presidio of San Francisco (California). The collaboration that took place the amplitude of this page was thanks to Alexa Internet and other partners apart from the collaboration of the Library of Congress. It has a lot of miscellaneous files such as audio, video and text, some of them in the public domain, or licensing on the basis of Creative Commons or other license that permits distribution. Among its sections are also called Moving Images collection that contains an amount of about 19 thousand files (August 2005 estimate), most videos.The maximum collection Collection Prelinger Archives Prelinger called a total of 1977 files (August 2005) that includes a large number of scheduled “Ephemeral Cinema Advertising”, educational, industrial (films for promotion of such enterprises) and amateurs. The movies are around from 1927 to 1987. In another part to go back in time there is the Wayback Machine has 40 billion pages from 1996 recorded from the beginning of the current Internet, you can see the first version of IMDb and the famous online sales page Amazon, as well as a special section cataloging news in its original version of these dates.