Instant Messenger

This article explains how the virtual conversation or electronic Internet chat can be more interesting using Facebook emoticons, which are some small graphical applications that serve to send images of joy, boredom, and emotion. The information is intended to answer possible questions on this topic or help people that are only investigating on it. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings. The smilies are small graphical dynamic applications, which were created in Flash with the function to convey an emotion or feeling in particular that usually cannot be expressed with the simple written text. The word comes from the union of emotion and icon in English, first emerged in the United States of America in the mid-19th century, but it was not but until the Decade of the 1990s to date that their use has increased, especially with social networks and cellular (mobile) phone. The virtual conversation on social networks using the emoticons Facebook becomes more interesting since they are attractive graphics constantly updated with multiple facial expressions of different public figures, objects of daily life and others of the imagination, which added an illusionistic touch to the text being sent. With some words in common (such as XOXO, LOL and the caritas J L) use conversion is automatic, only you need to choose and click on the emoticons located on this social network after the installation of the program.

The installation process of the Facebook smileys is fairly simple, any person could do in a few minutes, you only need to download the executable file that contains all rollover images, audio, and others to display graphics with success. After this, you have to proceed to close any browser used and double click, after that you can use them to your liking. An application where they are still very popular are all Instant Messenger like MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM, AOL, etc. The Facebook smilies they are funny and give that uses an advantage of originality on other people, we recommend to use them with moderation and continuity. For decades the only type of communication was through letters, then came telephone calls, recently the Internet, recent years social networks, have now come to these graphics applications that are popular and are used by millions of users around the world. Show them with friends, family, known and loved, will be a pleasant surprise.

The parts where you can easily include the Facebook smileys are: in the instant conversation or private chat, on the public wall of each contact or friend and private messages. After installation it is recommended to adjust the preferences at the top of the browser bar so that they are according to your personal tastes. Finally, say that these Facebook emoticons are free, there is a very large community of users worldwide, it has its own web page on the Internet where you can see any kind of novelty, and the application that manages these graphic images has been verified by security of international software companies, so it is fully trusted.