GPRS Cellular

Although it seemed that in the era of the cellular one it was all saying, since the same today give to different services and benefits like: cameras of photo, video, MP3, GPRS and others, it seems that not this all this. An Israeli company develops what dot would be cellular the more boy of the world according to informed the NewLaunches site com what could attract million consumers who look for less weight and more comfort. The company called Modu, that already had invented the USB flash drive, now goes by the glory when trying to capture the immense cellular market according to informed its director Dov Moran. Modu tries to as large as send in October of this new year cellular a credit card in three different countries: Italy, Russia and Israel. More information is housed here: Kai-Fu Lee. The telephone only weighs 42 grams and will cost 280 dollars. The cellular one will be able also to be connected to Internet through system GPRS although the company also glides that 3G can have connectivity..