Galapagos Islands

The school year is just as in the coast and the East, so in seasons of vacation, the colonists – that is the adjective used for the people who live in the archipelago – tend to stay and enjoy the Islands, although several of them returning to the Mainland to visit their relatives. In the evenings is the climate rather cool, with temperatures of 17?C and 19?C what dress? Light clothes and sneakers, is recommended to be able to perform more comfortable journeys. During the night you must use the same type of clothing accompanied by light sweaters. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dermot McCormack offers on the topic.. ** Is recommended not to touch or carry any species or animal or plant of the Islands codes telephone 593 is the telephone code to call the Ecuador from other countries. These are the telephone codes of the 22 provinces of the Ecuador Azuay 072 Loja 072 Bolivar 032 Los Rios 052 Carchi 062 Manabi 052 Canar 072 Morona 072 Chimborazo 032 Napo 062 Cotopaxi 032 Orellana 062 El Oro 072 Pastaza 032 emeralds 062 Pichincha 022 Galapagos 052 Sucumbios 062 Guayas 042 Tungurahua 032 Imbabura 062 Zamora 072 for calling from abroad you provincial Ej should ignore the 0 series. 593 22 507560, but if you are already in Ecuador should use the full code, 072 to communicate with other cities. Cell phones cellular telephony is possible to communicate from remote areas such as the Amazon rainforest or the Galapagos Islands, however, in some isolated points on the Moors or the connection is not guaranteed in the mangroves. It also has telephone booths that work with cards or coins of 10 and 25 cents; However the purses do not allow to communicate with the outside world, while the cabins of a card if it is possible to communicate to other countries. Internet the Internet is used frequently by national and foreign, in the country there are hundreds of coffee-nets or cyber cafes with net2phone, E-mail, Internet and fax service at fairly affordable prices in the majority of commercial and tourist areas.