Electronics Stores

Comparative reviews of electrical engineering and electronics on the 'Minimum prices Moskvy give a complete idea about the prices and range of products, as well as provide valuable advice to consumers. Let's define where to buy computer equipment in Moscow. Hear other arguments on the topic with altavista. For comparison, we selected a hypermarket 'Sunrise Pro' computer stores 'Ultra Computers', 'forum', 'OLDI', 'Computers Formoza', 'Polaris', computer online stores 'Porthos' and 'Alpha-Comp' computer supermarket "NICS ', a network of digital stores' White Wind'. Best computer store is the 'Sunrise-Pro. " This company sells computer equipment, both wholesale and retail. They have a very low purchase prices. 'Sunrise-Pro' is constantly evolving, new services, expanding trade area. And yet I advise to look into online retailers' Alpha-Comp 'and' Porthos', as well as in shop 'Ultra Computers.

" They also have something to look. In the survey on the choice of household appliances in Moscow, a comparison of products and prices in the shops: 'M-Video', 'Technosila', 'Media Markt', 'Sunrise-Pro', 'WORLD', 'Smarton.ru', ' Alpha-Comp ',' HolodilnikRu ', '003ru'. The best place to shop appliances should be recognized hypermarket 'Sunrise Pro', which offers a surprisingly low price. Visiting the store is relatively new 'Media Markt', which is positioned as the leader of trade of household appliances in Europe, it became clear that prices are substantially higher than in the 'About the Sunrise'. In addition, it is worth noting a very cheap online shop 'Alpha-Comp', which offers even lower prices on household appliances than 'Sunrise-Pro', but there still needs to be pay for the delivery of 400 rubles. A review of shops electronic components and electronics stores compared to 'Chip and Dip', 'Brown Bear', as well as 'Mitrakon', 'Quartz', 'Voltmaster'. The best, in my opinion, are – well unwound network stores 'Chip & Dip' and little-known chain stores 'Brown Bear'.

In these stores you can find almost everything you need, and prices are quite low. Assortment of other stores do not shine, and the prices are high. Net Cellular 'Euroset', 'The Messenger', 'AltTelekom', 'Betalink', as well as shops 'Ultra Computers', 'Sunrise Pro', 'Porthos' presented in a comparative review of mobile phone shops. A good selection of phones provide major networks 'Euroset', 'The Messenger', 'AltTelekom', 'Betalink'. However, I would recommend visiting 'About Sunrise'. This hypermarket prices on cell phones is lower than in other stores. And the selection of products they have pretty broad. Prices in stores 'Ultra Computers' and 'Porthos' low, unfortunately, only on some models.