Chat Network

Uniquely to the question "Why?". One can only speculate about their true motives. 21 brought us television, internet, mobile phones and genetic engineering. Psychologists are committed to exploring our age, gender, interests, trying to understand what is common between a group of people. As a communicator on the Internet are the chat rooms, forums, icq, irq. All these services have a common component – come into contact completely unknown people. It is this was the decisive factor in the development of Internet communication.

Virtual communication to a tee as in life: we meet, get acquainted, talk, fight, friends, advise. Recently added another, and video chats. Now each other even see. Can not only be physically closer. It can be anyone. You can pretend to be women or men, old or young, strong or weak. Who will check? Every farewell ceremony with their complexes, and look erotic videos, will be able to confess in front of an audience.

And no one would guess that the mysterious stranger, which until the morning sitting in a chat room, an employee from a nearby office. But still there are professionals who are capable of you calculate. This is possible by IP-address that you provide intnrnet provider, your nickname or e-mail. But such units. Basically it's programmers, for which the network – sweet home. The network is not linked to shell material, as you dissolve into space. There's only a shower. Now on a new interpreted any religion – once the soul out of the body, then we are in heaven or hell. Virtual dating fraught with surprise. The man behind the screen has dreams, complexes, and habits. Everyone plays their own, only he knows the role. People remain here forever? Some are tired of their roles. Others are tired of this life, they want to present, real. Still others are disappointed in others. For the fourth is expensive. 1 Mb of traffic the mobile operator's costs a lot