The cellular one is an important tool at aid moment, prevents rumors and follows the orientaes of the official agencies. It does not remove objects in floods at moments of the rise of the water, in this hour the volume of accidents is high, the mud that enters together provokes escorreges that can take off lives. But it will be necessary, to prioritize water, foods, money, remedies, gloves and clothes. One remembers that in places with great volume of water it provokes the fall of walls, therefore the risk exists and not subestime the nature. In places of great accident alone they effect I after fix it of the damages the release of the official agencies, generally the civil defense. Some times the water goes up slowly, in this in case that it gives priorities of withdrawal of documents, clothes and household-electric-utensils more useful as: stove, refrigerator and others. It looks the civil defense, but it has taken food for maintenance for next the 24 hours, that is the time where to the authorities they obtain to co-ordinate the aid.

In the boost glide land case the risks are bigger and prepared aid of technician is necessary, water with hipoclorito of sodium the reason of 125 ml for each 500 liters of water or 2 drops for each liter of water, to condition the garbage in containers and to embed them or to request the public collection its withdrawal, dead animals must be placed whitewash later covering with land. When it will be to clean the residence after floods, takes certain care, therefore behind furniture they can be snakes and other animals that can bring upheavals. Before binding the electricity to dry to the taking and the breaker it stops> to prevent short circuit. In case of doubts it binds immediately for the civil defense (199), firemen (193) or tel 156, in the municipal city hall generally. It makes its part! The detail most important is: who will go to help the children, the aged ones and who will be the leader of the group, beyond is clearly of the importance to know the emergency numbers. This is only one small contribution of that it can be fact, please it multiplies and it adds more tips to this information, thanks a lot!