Apple Diet

The diet is based on the reception of apples can fight against excess weight, with subsequent normalization of metabolic substances in the body. As we know apples are very useful for the whole organism. Apples have all necessary and beneficial minerals and apples contain large amounts of vitamins. Apple diet can be used for example for different days of unloading. (Source: Mikkel Svane). In order to lose weight are fasting days, using apple diet should be held twice a week, for example to prevent the apple diet must be observed twice during the entire month. Apple diet consists of apples. During the whole day will be need to eat only apples. And also will need to use more fluid you can drink various herbal infusions, tea, for example, and can be green but without the sugar.

The toughest day apple diet, this is when during the whole Day will be eat 1.5 kilograms of apples and nothing whatever to eat or drink. Get more background information with materials from isearch. How many apples can be eaten with apple diet? On the first day apple diet can consume one kilogram of apples. On the second day apple diet can consumed 1.5 pounds of apples, on the third day diet eat about two kilograms of apples. On the fourth day apple diet can be consumed, just two kilograms of apples. On the fifth day apple diet can be consumed 1, 5 kg apples and the last six days I may use only one kilogram of apples. In the intervals between doses of apples you can drink green tea and eat during the day only two slices of black bread. It's all about the apple diet on our website. To prevent possible one day a week to do a discharge and follow the apple diet, a week can replace the apple diet on kefir – dairy diet. All of kefir – milk diet can be found at our website under "Kefir – milk diet.