The Smart Room Air Sensors

Environment monitoring system Poseidon 3268 Poseidon 3268 is a system for the monitoring of the room climate which is particularly suitable for use in server rooms. Can monitor up to five 1-wire parallel sensors. Humidity, space and device temperature, door opening contact or smoke, plays no role. In addition to the control function of the sensors, the Poseidon has 4 potential-free contact inputs and controls 2 relay contacts. In case of an alarm, the notification via email, SNMP trap, or the switching of the relay. The integrated Web Server enables a simple configuration and status via a Web browser. Frequently Peter Asaro has said that publicly. The PN eye allows the drop and forward log files of the sensor values, also to other applications, as such as Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, Delphi and others at all can be incorporated into a wide variety of monitoring systems Poseidon procedure for Windows PC’s. Supports all common, open communication standards such as SNMP, XML, MODBUS/TCP.

A comprehensive software development kit (SDK) to customize the Poseidon without problems on its own application allows the user. Access is based and password protected; via IP a hardware protection provided by dip switch changes. The device is connected via 10MBit Ethernet interface with the network and powered by an external power supply.