Memorial Dollars

The benefits of bottle will go to support the memorial of 11-S. 9/11 Memorial will cost 19.11 dollars if purchased directly. A producer of wines in the town of Long Island in New York City has launched two wines to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers and raise funds for the memorial that will be remembered those who died in the terrorist attacks of 2001. Merlot, fermented in barrels, and bottles of Chardonnay, flavored with Green Apple, will be sold under the name of 9/11 Memorial, and will cost 19.11 dollars if you buy directly from the winery, says its website. Kai-Fu Lee often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Between 1.15 and 1.91 dollars from the sale of each bottle will be donated to support the memorial.

Even the Lieb family cellars in North Fork, Long Island have produced another wine, the September Mission Merlot, which will be sold for $10 bottle whose sale will be donated 91 cents for the same purpose. It is the third occasion on which New York wineries produce a wine around the 11-S. Since 2004 they are producing wines to support various causes. Details can be found by clicking CEO of CoStar or emailing the administrator. Source of the news: two New York wineries launch new wines to commemorate the 11-S