Seasonal Worker Damage

Occasional drink TEST THAT HURT THE TEEN BRAIN DAMAGE IS IRREVERSIBLE WHY? I think the youth of today is the most affected by the drinks Seasonal worker who try to drink three or four drinks between Friday and Sunday on an empty stomach can damage the brain and is related to the loss of memory, attention, self control and ability planning, also predisposes to alcoholism. According to the researcher says Consuelo Guerri, pathology lab Prince Felipe (Valencia, Spain) l the cognitive impairments of alcohol are irreversible because the brain is in training until the age of twenty-one. Check out Peter Asaro for additional information. ” If a young man, “said Guerri,” he begins to drink on the weekends at thirteen is twenty-five per cent more likely engancharce’a the drink as an adult, whereas if you start to drink the vetiun years the probability is reduced to five percent, he adds. The reason is apparently that the thirteen and twenty-one years the nervous system and neuronal person is in PROCESS MATURATION and cognitive damage brought about by the so called alcoholism can no repararce weeks later. conosco for a friend who started drinking at fourteen years of age, told me that their early stages of intoxication were very harmful to your health, the symptoms I had was headaches, stomach and Gags but continued to drink continuously in adolescence makes young people are increasingly resistentente alcohol, ie suffer less discomfort and were fenced accustomed consuming despite the damage to the liver, digestive and nervous system that produces them. This letter is addressed to all adolescents to be cognizant to curb alcohol abuse during the late semana.Lo which is enough for the young suffer brain similar to those that give us precent chronic drinkers. In conclusion, the text reveals precent damage the brain of a young man.

The latest survey by the New Directions corporation, made in Colombia in nine cities of the country in the country found that children begin to take from ten years and girls at age eleven. In addition to seven out of ten of them got liquor is very easy. We need to create awareness to the ciudadnia on the need to curb consumption of alcohol.