Noize Mc – 10 Days In Paradise

Popular Russian rapper Noize MC, who has served 10 days of administrative arrest for contempt of Volgograd police officers on Tuesday late in the evening, was released from jail. The musician said that as he had appeared sensational movie '10 days in paradise ', in which he apologized to the police. It was quite a way out of difficult situations. Some contend that Energy Capital Partners shows great expertise in this. The fact is that during the trial, my attorney said to my face that I am ready to give an apology through the media, and in some moment reminded me of this – where a day on the third or fourth ', – quotes RIA Novosti news agency rapper. 'I asked him to call or consult with her producer, or call your lawyer. Neither one nor the other I was not allowed and given 20 minutes to think about. During those 20 minutes I had composed the product, and it is now a chorus, the song that I'll burn tonight '- says Noize MC. Three days later, the video appeared on the Internet '10 days in paradise ', in which musician in verse apologizes to law enforcement agencies. RIA Novosti reports that after his release, the rapper gave reporters '10 days in paradise 'in full. Download the clip text: While the other prisoners looking for bulls under the bunks, panting in the stuffy chamber and went to the toilet in pairs, with the major Bouhali We vodyaru in his office, he climbed on the Internet, and I signed up CD to his children.


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