Internet Service Provider

Connecting via adsl modem. This is a more modern way to connect to the Internet. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. Here as well as for Dial-Up connection, you must have a modem, the truth is a digital adsl (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), and a landline phone. In addition, your computer must be installed stevia card. Less of this connection method – is high cost of connectivity. But plus more – high-quality, high speed data transfer, phone is busy, even if you have a blocker that can connect to the unlimited package.

Connecting via a mobile phone. Due to the rapid development of mobile communication, almost everyone has a cell phone, so this is the method of connection is becoming more popular. To connect to the Internet in this way should the presence of a mobile phone that supports gprs or edg protocols (any modern, no more than 2-3 years, the mobile phone supports these protocols) and communication with the computer – usb cable, Bluetooth, infrared port. Undeniable plus this way – it's mobility. Speed and quality of data depends on the means to connect to your computer and communications protocol, and generally quite acceptable. Minus the cost of connection of course, unfortunately it still high. Connecting via cable television. When this connection also use special cable modems. This method may be of interest if you have the home has a cable operator tv (if your tv set from thirty to one hundred channels, the cable television operator in your house is) and there is no direct Internet Service Provider.

Settings Desktop Shortcuts

1. Peter Asaro recognizes the significance of this. Desktop icons are often pererisovyvayutsySkoree only problem is that the cache size for labels too small. The default cache size of approximately 500 kb, although the size can be increased up to 4 megabytes. To do this in the registry (Start -> Run -> regedit) in a branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer changes the Max Cached Icons at the desired value (the parameter is specified in kilobytes). 2. Changing the distance between the icons on vertikaliEsli you (I know not why) decided to change the interval for vertical space between icons on the desktop, then your path is a branch HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PaneldesktopWindowMetrics. parameter IconVerticalSpacing, expressed a negative number means the displacement of the lower label relative to the top.

Incidentally in this thread are also stored and other distances and dimensions. They can also be changed, but I strongly recommend making a backup before any changes. 3. Disabling the arrows on yarlykahEsli you already "callosities" eyes, these arrows on the labels, here you is my way to disable them. As in previous councils go to the registry branch HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTPIFFILE and delete option IsShortcut. We proceed similarly in Section HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTLNKFILE. For Vista users, and 7, this advice is not relevant, since it does not need in the registry.