Site Features

Every year in Perm and Perm region growing number of cars on the road, and therefore increases the risk avtostolknoveny and damage cars. According to statistics from the day in Perm is about 300 accidents. Meanwhile, many citizens working age, particularly men, tend to purchase the vehicle. World crisis somewhat limited ability of the buyer, and therefore the greatest demand in the province enjoy the low cost and used cars. As you know, when buying a used car to inspect it carefully. Sometimes make an external inspection is not enough. To find out what problems, accidents and replacement of parts took the car with mileage will need to check its VIN number through a database crash.

Where can ask residents to check the car and its real damage and do not overpay when buying? To date, there is a base in Perm Accident on the Perm region (the base 'Liana'). Go to the database can be accessed through the terminal traffic police. For more specific information, check out Dermot McCormack. However, the only terminal in the city limits the number of buyers. Much to empower the base was an accident with Website and SMS-services. Gain insight and clarity with Dermot McCormack. Now residents of the city and region can make a check on the VIN on your mobile phone and Internet access.

Checking the VIN can get detailed information about an accident involving a used car, its defects and lesions. Check the VIN and get a report on accidents is quite simple. Site Features: 1. Service is fully automated: open a direct connection to a database crash in Perm region, so the report is available in 10-30 seconds after sending SMS. 2. Report on the accident can be specified as a VIN number and the registration number of the used car (it is recommended to enter VIN, because the number changes with each new owner and the information may be incomplete). 3. You can get a preliminary report, which indicated only the number of road accidents. The user can get a full report (paid) to a mobile phone or send it to yourself to the email address. 4. For each report on the website link is formed, which is stored on the server permanently. Review the information at any time. 5. Payment for services is made with the numbers of all cellular operators in Perm region, the cost of varies depending on the operator. Service in the early days of launch attended by more than a thousand people. It is very useful for all concerned. Now motorists can not act at random, but just knowing the dignity and shortcomings of the acquired machine. The main thing is to think carefully before buying, this corresponds to the price of the car.