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At the next Conference of research materials (Materials Research Conference) which will be held between November 29 and December 3, company Japanese Hitachi together with the Japan New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO), show a new technology that makes use of the properties of self-organization of certain polymers which allowed the formation of magnetic structures on a scale of less than 10nm. More information is housed here: Robert Bakish. Current hard disk, including the Hitachi drives, reaching a maximum of 3 TB. The application of the technique of auto-patron could increase a unit of 24 TB storage. Then to larger capacity, also displayed an increase in the density of data, an increase in the speed of data transfer and a decrease in search time, aid slowly increases with the standard SATA 6 Gb/sec. Unfortunately, the details about when the units with this technology so that they reach the market have to wait: Hitachi is expected to submit a document on the technology in the materials research society fall meeting at the end of this month, after more information may be available. Does this technology would increase notoriously storage capacity per square inch of the durospasando actualesdiscos for example a storage for plate of 500 GB to a 4 TB which is 8 times higher in the same format of 3.5 drives? which would as usual by putting more dishes, reaching impressive 24 TB per disk and format of 2.5? could reach the 8 TB. Put these hard drives available on the market, it would be a tough competition against SSDS that while they have better speeds, price per capacity is quite higher than a traditional hard drive.