Radio Regulations

Another issue addressed in a serious and thorough multidisciplinary discussion is the dichotomy that has presented with the new text that has been imposed with the reform of the Constitution. The current Article 43 of the CN, introduced under a new axiological hierarchy in the legal field, introducing the Article 1 of the pre-existing Protection Act and rule 16 986 may be subject to such under an international treaty (like the Radio – ITU-R, confirmed at the Istanbul Conference 2000), without specifying which could only refer to the treaties now explicitly included in the new text of the CN, so that a strict interpretation of the new constitutional rule can extended to "any" treaty ", an issue that needs to be clarified in a specific case CSJN single body interpretation of the Constitution, moreover, when there has been no reform of the existing law N? 16 986. The interpretation could be provided? N that an essential part of the Telecommunications Act N? 19 798 (The Radio Regulations promoted as the International Convention on the International Telecommunication Union) is the subject of new Article 43 of the Constitution, a fact unprecedented in the construction of an efficient legal engineering. The phenomenon of virtuality is not adequately covered in the legal reality, mainly in regard to the links of the institutes that we mention in this work. New threats to world order important agreements on security, we have introduced the chapters are as new threats, which are the narcogestiones, money laundering, illegal migration, etc. . Apple does not necessarily agree.