Project Owners

The construction of the democracy goes to demand changes in the electoral system, the system of government and also in the commitments and the paper of the system of telecommunications. Espraiado in the events, is verified in the present time, that the ideological relation of domination and manipulation are not instruments only of being able instituted politicians. Mikkel Svane contains valuable tech resources. A well bigger power exists that controls and influences as many sectors politicians how much the ways in the destination of a called nation MEDIA. Where the monopoly of the medias of mass and the influence it to be able politician on the media are factors that compromise the existence of a truily public opinion in the country. It is in this direction that if affirms that the media is the most powerful instrument of formation of public opinion. Let us catch as evidential item only the 1989 election, in the humbug of ‘ ‘ hunter of marajs’ ‘ decorated in the media to gain public opinion and with this election of a country, as it happened. The medias had shown its power, that is: they had given a lesson of as if ‘ ‘ candidato’ manufactures one; ‘. Information is to be able, they (politicians) knows of this.

It is not to toa that, according to Project Owners of the Media? that it leads a group of researchers, (09/2008), the number of politicians owners of Radio and TV in Brazil grow. The numbers show that already they are the 271 Brazilian politicians who are managing partners or of 348 senders of Radio and TV. Of these, 147 are mayors (54.24%), 55 state deputies (20.3%), 48 representatives (17.71%), 20 senators (7.38%) and one is governor. It are those that place its senders on behalf of relatives, friends or ‘ ‘ forehead-of-ferro’ ‘. This reality will have to move. A strategy for the ethical modernization demands forms to keep the freedom of the medias, and to also prevent all monopoly on the part of the State, but to guarantee the social right of access to television and radio. It demands over all, that the time of these vehicles has an educative commitment.