Sebastian Pinera, our actions speak about us both as we about them has just begun his term in Office the new President and Tycoon of Chile Sebastian Pinera, who must deal with the problems that originated in the social and economic the newly earthquake occurred, coupled also with the tsunami that showed the strength of the gigantic waves, where it is said, that in some coastal towns reached 20 meters of heightdid collapse communications – both fixed network such as cellular-like services of water, light and gas, in the Centre and South of the country for several days. The survivors of the worst affected areas had to wait days before they arrived teams of rescue and medical care with water, food and clothing. Sebastian Pinera, to take possession, as he says puts an end to 20 years of political leadership of the center-left coalition, known as Tal concertation as the Universia Knowledge Wharton newsletter, review before dramatic reality which has faced with chivalry, courage the Chilean people, its new Chairman, Sebastian Pinera has held several working meetings with the outgoing President, Bachelet, and is said, already named the new intendants – regional authorities with a more technical than political profile – the regions most impacted by the earthquake. There is no doubt that the new administration of Pinera expects a titanic task and must be transformed into a Government of national reconstruction. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. In addition, adds that as a country of long geography, new political authority must reinforce North-South connectivity, through the spinal column which is Highway 5 South and that resulted in serious damage. You definitely put the emphasis in anti-seismic buildings. It cannot be that Chile will remain without air traffic, because Santiago’s international airport collapsed. Such situations should not be repeated in the future, nor with the comments, roads or hospitals, nor with the airports. Comments, Rodrigo Morras, Professor of organizational management of services of the school of business of the University Adolfo Ibanez, Pinera will need to forget the economic promises made during his election campaign–better wages and less crime, among others–and urgently address certain priorities, such as the large number of people who were left without homes, especially in the areas hardest hit by the catastrophe.