Max Payne

Since the movie was pretty close in spirit, and in content to the popular computer game series Max Payne 1-2, then the interest in him has been called the most part fans of the game or those who at least played it. For the general public movie great value not represented. But militant way, with good workmanship and special effects are not burdened with an intricate storyline very few people leave disappointed. The film is very simple: the cop Max Payne lost family and his girlfriend (the game), Mona, whose sister was killed, as in 'Max Payne', uniting against a common enemy. Imaginary allies and opponents a few false diversify ordinary cop thriller.

And with the genre in the first minutes of the film is difficult to determine: whether it's horror, science fiction either. Neither one nor the other, of course, wrong. From the beginning, the film deliberately makes the viewer a false sense of emergency loss of the protagonist. Promotion of the plot shows us deeper and deeper picture of the fall of Max in a pit dug by his exclusion, and sociopathy. We are watching the main character, an honest cop, and once a good family man, all closer to the line when the person ceases to be her and begins the hunt for him. The situation is blown all, reaches the limit voltage, and at the climax, we see a scene shown to us at the beginning of the movie: Max Payne is drowning in icy water. We feel regret and frustration – the main character died, unable to punish all evildoers.

And here comes the best, in my opinion, the moment in the film. Near-death vision of Max, his deceased wife, says: 'Not yet, Max' – and the hero finds the strength postpone death to avenge all those who deserve it. The similarity of the main characters from the game characters, weather and depressive atmosphere, as well as easy matrikulyatsiya fight scenes brings the film to the fact that we are familiar with computer game, expected him to see. Rarely set out to create a film on the game, it is possible to do this successfully, what, in my opinion, the main advantage of 'Max Payne' over other similar films on the idea.